by Neil Tolliday


‘Mallumo’ is the introspective and therapeutic works of Nottingham born musician, producer and composer Neil Tolliday. Known to most simply as Nail, on this his first solo LP under his given name, Tolliday releases four meditative dark ambient pieces recorded between 2010 and 2015 that explore the depths of his psyche.

Made as a direct response to a period of clinical depression this self therapy gave birth to soundscapes that branch between hope, tranquility and torment as a man searched for solace through sound and his own creativity resulting in the listener being taken on a heady ride through their own subconscious mind.

Limited to 300 copies, this 180 gram double vinyl LP comes with your own Utopia Project incense and a download code for the full hour long versions of each movement.

Cover photography shot and printed by Michael Bradley, Design and curation by Alexander Bradley for Utopia Records, London 2019.

  • 18:40
    Neil Tolliday
  • 17:57
    Neil Tolliday
  • 18:00
    Neil Tolliday
  • 17:56
    Neil Tolliday